Virtual Birth Doula

What is a virtual doula? A budget friendly option for a more intimate experience! You get the expertise of an experienced doula at your fingertips (only a phone-call or Skype-call away). Before baby is born, we will meet together two times to talk about your concerns, questions, writing a birth plan and so much more. When labor starts, I will be ready and able to talk at anytime about any of the things that come up during the labor. This might include giving your partner phone support or suggestions on how they might help you, helping you to understand what your care provider or nurse might be doing or saying or reminding you of the things coping mechanisms you learned in childbirth classes. It's truly having an expert at your convenience to help you navigate the in-the-moment decisions that childbirth and labor bring!

$500 includes:

  • 2 prenatal meetings in-home or skype

  • On-call support for labor & birth