Learn, grow, birth & parent in confidence.


I offer a range of services designed to simplify the learning curve and minimize the pains as your family grows. Check out the options below or click through to learn more about each service.

Not sure which is the best option for your family? Send me an email!



Push! The Badass Birth Class - $300

A fun, evidence-based childbirth class taught by two experienced doulas!

Birth Planning session - $100

Prepare yourself for birth with a valuable information: from creating a birth plan to comfort measures.

Virtual Doula Service- $500

A budget friendly, flexible option to have the expertise of an experienced doula at your fingertips!


Postpartum Doula Service - $30/hr

Hands-on support in your home to help you through the postpartum period.

Newborn Care Class - $100

Learn the basics of newborn care from baby-wearing to car seats and more!

infant sleep.

Infant Sleep Education - $100 - $300

Infant sleep or lack thereof is every parents number one concern. Together, we will develop a strategy for deeper understanding of your baby's sleep needs.


Potty Learning Coach - $125-$165

A gentle, parent led-approach to potty-learning. 

Taming Toddler Tantrums- $125-$165

Finding balance in the maelstrom that can be parenting a toddler.